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We use the highest quality of materials and make every batch with care and intention.
Your plants will be in good hands.

30 Years of Experience

A subsidiary of BPP Labs (formerly MCC Inc.), we've been in the paint industry for a long time.
Our paints and coatings are made with our specialized formulas that are thoroughly tested in laboratories and out in the field.


Our paints are all water-based and the raw materials we use are always up to date with current industry standards.

"Cover walls, ceiling, floor - everything - with a highly reflective material like flat white paint...Good reflective light will increase the effective coverage of an HID lamp by more than 10 percent..."

-Jose Cervantes, The Cannabis Encyclopedia

The Process You Want

Effective. Clean.
97% High Diffuse Reflectivity.

Did you know that the most overlooked areas of a grow room are the ones right in front of your face?  

We’re talking about the walls.  

This is the part of the room that is often overlooked.  Also, the perfect place for mold and fungus to harbor, propagate and grow.

Don’t let that happen to you.

Grow Smart with Grow Coat. 

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Our Story

We love paints, coatings, and all things related.  We are particular about the sources of where we get our materials.  Everything we make is low in VOCS and water-based acrylic,  meeting government standards.

Our products are easy to apply, clean, and long-lasting.  You can trust us on this.

As for Grow Coat, growers came directly to us asking for our most reflective paint available. 

So our team formulated, tested, and repeated this process.  As avid plant growers ourselves, we wanted to add something a little extra that would help minimize the chances of mold from reproducing.  

We listened, created, tested, and delivered with our enhanced white paint, Grow Coat.

Work directly with us, the manufacturers, to better understand who we are and what we do.  We are here to help, grow, and flourish as a community.

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Grow Coat Highly Reflective White Paint

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